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Soláň cimbálová muzika & tanečníci

Songs have been heard in Wallachia since ancient times - they expressed desire, joy, love, pain and grief ... With their clarity and distinctiveness, they have retained their appeal to this day. They have also always enchanted us - and so in 1990, we founded a dulcimer music group and named it after the nearby Soláň hill, which is rightly called the Wallachian Mount Olympus due to its atmosphere.

During our existence, we have performed at many festivals at home and abroad. The traditional events of the ensemble are the folk CYMBÁL in Zašová and concerts called MUZICÍROVÁNÍ, to which we traditionally invite folklore guests from Moravia and Slovakia to the Wallachian Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm every September.

The dance group incorporates the traditions of all of Wallachia…. Its repertoire includes dances named Gulané, Zvrtané, Starodávný, Stará uherská, Figural dances, Kalamajky, Čardáš…. It focuses on themes: Zbojnické, Řemeslné, Pijácké, Salašnické, Žatevní, etc. It also offers traditional customary programs such as Masopust, Kácení mája or Svatojánské….

The music has also been recorded as folk songs in the studio of Czech Radio Ostrava on several CDs. In 1994 there were Wallachian songs about corvée "Nebude nám dycky tak", a year later in collaboration with the dulcimer music Technik a CD of Moravian folk carols "Při Betlémě na salašu", in 1999 an album of “drunken” songs entitled "A tož jakú". In the year 2000 the CD "Valaské pěsničky" was published in the edition of the Gnosis Brno publishing house. At Christmas in 2002, we managed to christen the sixth music project called "Koleda nám nastala …".

Soláň's next CD, "Dobře je s muzigú" is a journey of Wallachian music as it accompanied the life of Wallachians. The CD was released under the "wings" of the Indies Records Brno publishing house and was nominated for the FOSKAR 2006 award in the Album of the Year category. Our long-time member and singer Pavel Ptáček was nominated in the Singer of the Year category.

In 2008 another CD was released, in which the dulcimer musicians Danaj from Strážnice and Technik from Ostrava also took part. It is called "Dyž sem byl malučký" and is full of children's folk songs from Moravia… 4 years later, a CD with love songs "Bylo lásky, bylo" In 2017, we returned to the Christmas theme for the third time with the CD “Na vánoce….

In 2020, a jubilee double CD called “Dáme si to ešče raz” was released , which is a selection of 30 years of dulcimer music. The Gaidos musician and the Krůžek štyř tet girls' choir also work closely with Soláň.

We spread Wallachian folklore in all regions of Moravia and Bohemia and also abroad.

Music and dance is a pleasure for us and we hope that it is also a pleasure for our fans to see and listen to us.